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KCA Legal Defense Fund

KCA Legal Defense Fund

Now has the ability to accept recurring donations to our Legal Defense Fund. Monies donated into this fund will be invested by the KCA until needed. This fund will only be available for legal expenses incurred by KCA to defend chiropractic. Do your part today to help keep chiropractic strong!

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KCA needs your help to achieve our big legislative goals, and we are asking you to commit to a monthly donation to KCA-PAC to help us achieve these goals.

KCA-PAC is a political action committee dedicated to electing leaders who will fight for patient access to chiropractic care and support legislation friendly to chiropractic. Everyone deserves access to safe, effective chiropractic care, and KCA-PAC is committed to working towards that goal. 

· Improved access and chiropractic coverage for injured Kansas workers

· The ability to sign return-to-play after a concussion

· Improved insurance coverage and equitable reimbursement

· Making insurance companies follow CPT rules instead of making up their own

These and many other issues directly affecting your practice and patients are addressed yearly in the Kansas Statehouse.

We need your help to make our visions and goals a reality. Your donation will help us to support candidates who support chiropractic.

Every dollar you donate makes a difference. Thank you for your support!

Call to action:

Help us meet our goal of 100 individual Kansas Chiropractors supporting KCA-PAC.

Please donate today and help us elect leaders who support chiropractic and our patients. Choose your donation amount and whether you want to donate yearly or monthly.

· Pick your donation (any amount you choose)

· Sunflower Supporter ($120/year or $10/month)

· Tallgrass Trailblazer ($240/year or $20/month)

· KCA Champion ($480/year or $40/month)


This is a solicitation for contributions to a political action committee (PAC). Contributions to a PAC are not tax-deductible.

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